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IS YOUR BUSINESS RUNNING YOU? Save yourself with your FREE 9-point 'Checklist to Sanity'...if your booming business is driving you bonkers

9 Ways to Keep (or Find) Your Sanity Under Stress


Owner Survival Programs for Booming Businesses

Are you running your business or is it running you?

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out?

Are you suffering from OBD (Overactive Business Disorder), in which your business is booming and you’re coming undone?

For small businesses, stress is a sign of system failure. It may feel psychological, but it’s not. It’s a symptom of a larger problem: your business systems aren’t growing your business and aren’t capable of taking you farther. All the weight falls on your shoulders, when your management systems should be bearing the brunt.

The good news: this is a solvable problem!

The Small Business Success System (SBSS), brings “best management practices” to small businesses that are growing so quickly that the owner is overwhelmed. Sound familiar?

As you know, the stress of operating a successful, rapidly growing business is often just as intense as coping with a failing business.

The harsh reality is that very often, that booming growth is the harbinger of struggles ahead. You can feel it in your bones (or the pit of your stomach), right? If you’re stretched too thin, something  eventually begins to slip. If you don’t put management processes  into place to streamline and systematize all aspects of your business, customers and employees will become dissatisfied, sales growth will halt, and you’ll be left treading water – at best.

And because your business was booming, you may never see it coming.

Is this already your concern?
…lurking in the background while you work 24/7 without time to take action on longer term concerns?

Just the Facts (Why You Should Care)

You are the life-breathe of commerce. Small businesses like yours drive the economy and you deserve to succeed.

Factoids that matter…

The world’s economies depend on small companies to fuel growth and create jobs. For example, in the United States,  over 85 % of U.S. companies employ fewer than 20 employees. These small businesses account for over 50% of the private workforce.

These are staggering statistics considering that almost 80% of U.S. businesses fail in their first 18 months and 95% fail before sale.*

Clearly, small business owners are not getting the help they need. “Founder Dysfunction” is one of the primary reasons for failure, and that comes in the form of stress, overwhelm, and the inevitable burnout that follows. That’s the problem. The solution? The Small Business Success System…

What is the Small Business Success System?

The Menard Small Business Success System (SBSS) is based on three premises:

1. Small businesses rarely have management processes in place that allow them to scale without consuming the life of the owner. After all, you probably didn’t start your business because you love management. You followed your passions, skills, and talents. You don’t know what you don’t know. (But now you can!)

2. Small business owners wind up stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious – sometimes experiencing full blown panic attacks due to these scalability issues. It’s easy to misinterpret and assume that this is a personal disorder, a personal failing, an indicator that you’re not “cut out for entrepreneurship.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Your anxiety and overwhelm is your trusty early warning system. Listen to it. It’s saying, “I can’t do this alone. I need a system and I need a life.”

3. The solution is “best management practices” – for your business…and for your life! You deserve to succeed at both…without suffocating. And you can, once you have the system and the tools.

How to Get a Serving of Best Management Practices…Now

One component of SBSS is  based on the costly and complicated “best management practices” used by large organizations and, up till now, unavailable for small businesses. Using the revolutionary Small Business BreakthroughTM program, those supercharged programs are dialed down to address the needs of small business owners in just your situation. The key is a focus on the 3-legged stool of leadership, culture, and process standardization. Get more details here. 

Additional components of SBSS take a deep dive into the elements of the 3-legged stool. The goal is to create a “booming business…with brains” by making small shifts that reap rich results. Details to follow in my upcoming FREE video workshop. Be the first to know when it’s announced by clicking here.

SBSS results in efficiency, committed community (clients and employees), and a brand that speaks for itself and is unforgettable. All components are integrated to create an automated “management framework” for your business that, once adopted, practically runs itself. The beauty is that it obliterates overwhelm, removes unnecessary stress, and increases free time so you get to enjoy their business and have a life! You wind up with a management framework for your business…and your life.

Tell Me More

You can learn so much more in the upcoming FREE telecourse – and actually begin to implement the changes that will change your business and your life. You’ll learn all about the elements of the 3-legged stool of leadership, culture, and process standardization. It may not sound sexy, but it will definitely get you going. You’re a problem solver without a solution. Once you have one…well, you know the rest. Keep informed about the telecourse by providing your contact information here.

Are you…

  • ready to ditch overwhelm and take charge of your business so you can have a life…
  • eager to hire, retain, motivate, and acculturate best-fit employees who make your life easier…
  • committed to leading a business filled with committed, accountable employees who are aligned with your strategies and values…
  • ready to streamline your operations so you can run an efficient, effective, organized, and successful business that you love…AND have a life..

Talk with Lyssa to learn more about SBSS…

* These statistics, quoted from a recent report by the Small Business Administration and the Bureau of Labor Statistics,  are considered by many to be conservative. A more frequently quoted small business failure rate in the US is a whopping 85%.