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Laser Focused Transformation

This program helps business leaders identify and implement the lynchpin activity that will result in maximum business growth while positively impacting their life. 

Leadership is stressful and can be consuming. At times it may seem that there’s no room to address your long term goals in between fighting fires. Yet, you know that achieving these goals would actually create more time or energy for you and your people.

You have a goal and you know it would improve your business and your life. And, even though you’re the consummate problem solver / action taker, you can’t seem to get going with this one thing. This change just isn’t happening.

It’s not a personal failing. It’s simply the lack of systems and process – or perhaps an avoidance of change to avoid “rocking the boat.” After all, who has the time?

If you’re like most leaders, a few things could be going on…

  • Maybe you generally avoid change like the plague…like most people.
  • Or maybe you’re one of the hearty few who generally embrace change, but find yourself stuck right now.
  • Or perhaps there’s a time, skills, or knowledge deficit that’s getting in your way.

In any case, if you’re finding it hard to get going, stay committed, or figure out the path on your own, it’s time to bring in the big guns and stop spinning your wheels.

Every business owner, every executive, every high achiever reaching for the stars, at some point feels stuck and has to decide whether or not to do the hard work of getting unstuck. Whatever is holding you back, you want to shake loose from its hold. You just  need some guidance, accountability, and  tools. You need a system.

Transformation requires vision, inspiration, and practical strategies. And it requires the right guidance to discover the right roadmap to make the right changes.

Think of me as your personal GPS. I am, admittedly, obsessed with change – the necessity of it, the struggle against it, and the lack of training in navigating it. Most importantly, I’m obsessed with making your transformation successful by providing a systemic approach to change.

I’m here to help you develop “best practices” to manage your business, your life, and all the transformations that will improve both.

Action Accelerator is designed to address a very specific personal or professional breakthrough you desire. Perhaps you’d like to create an effective onboarding process to motivate and engage new employees. Standardizing all your company processes may be on your to-do list but never get done (hey, it’s not urgent and it sure doesn’t sound exciting). You might want to develop a new habit to jumpstart a weight and wellness program, so you can stay healthy enough to thrive in your business and life. Or you might want to create a weight and wellness program for your company, but be lost on how to get started.

If you have a targeted goal that will decrease stress in your business or your life, and you want a jumpstart to transformation and a guide through the process, this is the program for you.

Here’s how it works

We’ll have an initial call where you’ll explain the change you need and we design our 30-day action plan. We’ll schedule 2 90-minute phone or video calls and agree on your action plan for the time in between. Consider me yours: I’ll be available for unlimited email communication for the whole 30 days. You get to pick my brain on anything/everything related to your change process. I’ll answer all emails within 24 business hours.

My personal guarantee

If at the conclusion of our first call you feel that you didn’t get the value you expected, simply let me know and you will get 100% of your money back. No questions asked. I am that confident that you will successfully jumpstart your change through our time together. That’s my promise to you.

As soon as you sign up, the action begins. You’ll kick off by filling out my Action Accelerator Questionnaire. I’ll kick off by studying up on your answers so our first phone call gets right to the heart of the matter and launches us into laser focused change.

How to start

Let’s get into action! Drop me a line…