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Marketing Nightmare: Turning Fans to Foes

The Great Chicago Fire struck twice. Once in 1871 and once again last night. The first time Chicago (and it’s brand) needed to be repaired. Now, I’m afraid it’s a small business who’s reputation needs to be saved. Both incidents [...]

Create a Successful Business that Runs Like Clockwork

Those of you who know me even a bit, know I’m in love with process. I wax philosophical on the wonders and blessings of systematizing, standardizing, planning, and preparation. My belief: any strategy that moves you closer to perfection in [...]

Building A Better Small Business: The Continuous Improvement Cycle

How would you like to encourage and extract the very best from every employee while simultaneously improving the quality and consistency of your product... all while streamlining your processes and delighting your customers to boot? Introducing a few tools into [...]

How To Create a Cult Following of Customers: Entrepreneur Barbie vs Blogger Jenny Trout

In a one week period, the pop-news world was a-flutter with debate regarding plastic "Entrepreneur Barbie" on the one hand and genuine Jenny Trout (real-life entrepreneur) on the other. What a juxtaposition! While some hailed the new Barbie as a [...]