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6 MERS Tips You Can’t Live Without

  I’ve been barraged with anxious questions about MERS, so I thought I’d get the word out… By now most everyone’s heard that MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) has crossed the Ocean and arrived in Indiana. (And if you haven’t [...]

Tragedy to Triumph: Managing Stressful Change in Business and in Life

I’m not often shaken by a business turnaround story. This story is different, however, and one I couldn’t wait to share.The Tragedy (or: How to Sign Up for Maximum Stress and Survive)This story revolves around Wilh. Wilhelmsen, a Scandinavian shipping [...]

Even the Slightest Edge Matters: The Roller Coaster of Competition in Sports, Business, and Life

Just a brief post today. I’m still sitting with a bunch of emotion following Noelle Pinkus-Pace’s Olympic win a few days ago and, of course, I can’t help but share. Honestly, you’d think I was a medal contender, given my [...]

Every Win Takes a Team: 3 Critical Lessons in Sports, Business and Life

There are so many lessons we can we take from the field into the boardroom. In this post, I’d like to share a few, snatched from today’s headlines.   The Back Story I watched her hurl herself into the bleachers [...]