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9 Ways to Keep (or Find) Your Sanity Under Stress


Create a Successful Business that Runs Like Clockwork

Those of you who know me even a bit, know I’m in love with process. I wax philosophical on the wonders and blessings of systematizing, standardizing, planning, and preparation. My belief: any strategy that moves you closer to perfection in [...]

How To Create a Cult Following of Customers: Entrepreneur Barbie vs Blogger Jenny Trout

In a one week period, the pop-news world was a-flutter with debate regarding plastic "Entrepreneur Barbie" on the one hand and genuine Jenny Trout (real-life entrepreneur) on the other. What a juxtaposition! While some hailed the new Barbie as a [...]

Tragedy to Triumph: Managing Stressful Change in Business and in Life

I’m not often shaken by a business turnaround story. This story is different, however, and one I couldn’t wait to share.The Tragedy (or: How to Sign Up for Maximum Stress and Survive)This story revolves around Wilh. Wilhelmsen, a Scandinavian shipping [...]

3 Ways to See Through Your Customers’ Eyes: What We Can Learn from Mantis Shrimp

I’ve become obsessed with Mantis Shrimp. Before you decide you’ve actually stumbled on a crustacean-lover’s blog, stick with me. I promise this has everything to do with your business...and your life. I’ll be getting a lot of mileage out of [...]