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Great Employees Aren’t Born…They’re Groomed: Coach Your Employees to Success


Employee Coaching
My recent posts have focused on innovative tools to help you encourage and extract the very best from every employee while simultaneously improving the quality and consistency of your product and corporate culture. One-on-one coaching is an effective way to acculturate employees, develop rapport, and provide both direction and feedback on progress. The process may feel amorphous, time-consuming, with results that are impossible to measure, however. Generally speaking, that is the way this type of coaching turns out. But it needn’t be so! Introducing the Employee Coaching Worksheet, an amazing tool that will forever change your perspective on the value of employee coaching.

Why Coach Employees
We’ve discussed the importance of communication to a smoothly functioning business. While most business owners agree about the value of communication, there’s little understanding of how to translate that theory into practice. When conducted in a productive way, regular coaching sessions open the door to such communication and leave the employee feeling valued, focused, and committed. In common parlance, your employees “drink the cool-aid” and decide to have seconds.

Objectives of Employee Coaching
Use these regularly scheduled meetings to keep track of the employee’s:

  • current responsibilities (processes)
  • ongoing training in new skills (processes)
  • intended future training in new skills (processes)
  • issues/suggestions reported to the switchboard
  • projects currently assigned
  • behaviors consistent with corporate values

In the process, you’ll also be able to identify your high potentials and assess the level of the employee’s engagement in the business changes you are putting in place. Each meeting provides you with another opportunity to onboard your employee to the new company culture, in which she is accountable, valued, and appreciated.

How to Coach Employees
Meet regularly and frequently, particularly if you are just beginning the application of best practice management. Use the Employee Coaching Worksheet at each meeting, to objectively assess progress and problems and reinforce culture-consistent actions. This is a great time to clarify any concerns regarding the new employee-centric culture and deepen your relationship.

In sum, the Employee Coaching Worksheet systematizes the previously abstract process of successfully coaching employees. Create your employee-centric culture by on-boarding each employee through relationship building connection.


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