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One Week to a Business and Lifestyle You Love


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Last week, I wrote about my solopreneur client, Susan. She was “having a breakdown” that I diagnosed as weakness focused overload. She was spending way too much time on non-revenue-generating tasks that made her miserable because they relied on her weaknesses instead of tapping into her strengths. That’s a solopreneur trap if I ever saw one.

The moral of last week’s post: the only way to thrive in business is to do what you love and dispense with the rest. I promised to follow up with a strategy you can use to move in that direction yourself. Because, of course, the only way to learn is to apply.

Lesson in Time and Energy Allocation

If you want to move toward focusing on your strengths – whether you’re a solopreneur or a small business owner – this is the exercise that will get you there.

Track all of your tasks and activities for this entire week, ending with lists in the following categories:

  1. Me: 
This is my gift. I’m great at it, I love it, and I’m the only one who can/should do it.)
  2. Us: 
This is necessary for my company, but it sure isn’t my gift. Delegate internally, and hire, if necessary.
  3. Delegate: 
The company may need the product of this activity, but we sure don’t have to do it ourselves. Delegate externally. In other words, hire a consultant – even if it’s the neighbor’s kid – to get it done.
  4. Not us: 
Why the heck am I and my business doing this at all??? Ditch this as soon as possible.

Creating the list, and the potential outsourcing solutions, is a brainstorming activity. Do not judge. If it pops in your head, write it down.

This exercise taps into your creativity, which means that spending some solo time working on it is wise. There’s only so much you can do on your own, though. You need another set of eyes and point of view. You might consider making this a community effort. Get some coaching if you can and talk with colleagues, employees, friends, and family for out-of-the box solutions, especially if money is tight.

Step 2
In the end, you’re left with a roadmap. The final destination is to live in the “Me” but that is, admittedly, a process. Still, having this clarity and vision will keep you motivated, hopeful, and committed to generating creative solutions.

Remember that nothing is carved in stone. Test a solution. If it doesn’t seem effective or satisfying, test another solution. As you go, you learn more about yourself, your needs, and your options. That will help you with all your future challenges.


OK, get moving. Divi things up and use your extra time and energy on something fun. This is how you grab your rockin’ business and a lifestyle you love!

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