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Small Business Breakthrough™ 

The Menard Small Business Success System (SBSS) incorporates the revolutionary Small Business Breakthrough™ program. There’s a lot to the program, but what follows are the basics.

The Problem

Small businesses rarely have management processes in place that allow them to scale without consuming the life of the owner. Small business owners wind up stressed out, overwhelmed, and anxious due to these scalability issues.

The Solution

The solution is creating “best management practices” – for your business and for your life. Small Business Breakthrough™ takes care of the systems nuts and bolts, while the other SBSS components incorporate additional critical shifts necessary to survive and thrive.

Tell Me More

The revolutionary Small Business Breakthrough™  (SBB) program is the small business version of the costly and overly complex “best management practices” used by large organizations.

You may have heard of Six Sigma, Total Quality Management (TQM), ISO (International Standards Organization), or U.S. Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. These best practices management systems are all based on the same fundamental principles and work effectively for large corporations. SBB simplifies and transforms the same process into an actionable and affordable management system that is understandable and straight-forward. It features a step-by-step development program with simple, user-friendly software. It makes sense and installs without large investments of time and money.

SBSS incorporates Small Business Breakthrough™ to provide your small business (or division within a larger organization) with an easy onramp to implement proven best practices. The key principle of “best management practices” is the institution of an overarching, automated management framework. The framework allows your business to maximize it’s success by addressing all the moving parts, including:

  • Leadership: Ensure people, processes, and strategies are aligned and operating consistently and with excellence.
  • Strategic Planning: Business objectives are organically created, communicated and updated.
  • Knowledge Management: Information gets to the right people at the right time.
  • Communication/Collaboration: Stakeholders have an equal voice and an equal opportunity to make a difference.
  • Workforce Focus: Hire, onboard, and groom your best people for advancement.
  • Culture: Promotes quality, innovation, and open communication, and active engagement.
  • Values: Communicates a set of behaviors that all employees are required to consistently demonstrate.
  • Process Management: Systematize, standardize, and continually improve processes that support your strategies and create value, to sustain long-term growth and continued market relevance.
  • Project Management: One, company-wide system to implement internal, strategic improvement initiatives.
  • Results: Key performance indicators measure, and report results in real time.

These components are integrated to create an automated “management framework” that, once adopted, practically runs itself.

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