I live to watch dreams sprout from back-of-the-napkin sketches. My greatest joy is nurturing those ideas as they blossom into viable, tangible sources of sustenance. On my best days, I’m a gardener – at the ready with a watering can and trowel and primed to get my hands dirty.

I’m all about the up side of change. Finding it. Capitalizing on it. Creating it. Managing it. Being it.


Let’s face it: change is hard. It’s so hard that when marketing experts heard the title of my upcoming book they insisted on removing that dreaded word. Why? According to them, the readers of the world were so frightened of change that a mere glance at the word would send them running – in the opposite direction!

That was in 2018.

I got the last laugh…sort of.

Now, in peri-pandemic times, we all know that we don’t have a choice about change. Change isn’t coming. It’s here. And it is perpetual.

For better or worse, the capacity to change is required to survive and thrive.

I work with stressed out, overwhelmed, often overcommitted, understandably anxious (given their responsibilities), and sometimes perpetually panicked leaders and rising stars who know that change is needed (whether they want it or not). When change works for them, they’re able to feel their best, build a blossoming business, and live a happy, meaningful, and fulfilling life.

My Change Manifesto

Here’s my philosophy, which will tell you more about me than a resume:

Whether you’re considering your business, your career, or your personal life, know that there is simply no growth without change. As a leader, you have your business and your role there to consider. And personal or interpersonal change may also be in order. Let’s face it, there is no good reason to own or lead a business without growth. For that matter, how great is quality of a life without growth? That’s why “change” can no longer be a dirty word.

As for me…while I can’t say the word scares me, I will say that I’ve always found change challenging. I apparently came into the world programmed to make change “kicking and screaming.” Unfortunately, I also came programmed to bore easily – been this way since birth – so continual change is a requirement for my life satisfaction. Quite a conundrum!

So I started a life-long quest to learn to change effectively. Along the way, I’ve seen a lot of what works and what doesn’t work, and I’ve developed a repertoire of strategies for change that are effective, attainable and often even fun.

My primary passion is helping people navigate change with relative ease and grace. To my mind, that’s the ultimate empowerment.

The rate of change that’s imposed on us – like it or not – in this fast moving cyber world, is a force to be reckoned with. Our pandemic woes acted as a further accelerant. If you can’t navigate change well, you’re unlikely to rise to your full potential.

Work with Me

I’d be honored to help you work, live, love, and feel better by replacing stress with systems that work. It’s the ability to transform problems, thoughts and behaviors into constructive choices that will get you where you want to go. And it’s my delight to teach the most powerful strategies for change.